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For all details regarding membership of the IRSE, please see the IRSE main web site at www.irse.org


The IRSE Australasian Section Inc is an organisation incorporated in Victoria. Membership of the IRSE Australasian Section is available to all IRSE members who are resident in Australia or New Zealand and apply for membership. The Australasian Section manages all the activities held in Australasia. You must first be a member of the IRSE before you can become a member of the IRSE Australasian Section. Members of IRSE Australasian Section have access to the resources available in this website (including all technical papers and a variety of other material). There are regular meetings held throughout Australia and New Zealand as we actively seek to be accessible and relevant to our members. At present there is no additional charge for IRSE Australasian Section membership. You are most welcome to join the IRSE in Australasia. It is a simple process:

  • Join the IRSE through the Headquarters in the UK if you have not already done that.
  • Ask an IRSE Australasian Section member to nominate you and another to second your nomination.
  • Fill in the IRSE Australasian Section Inc Application Form with these details.
  • Send in the form to the Secretary.
  • Enjoy the benefits of membership!

Membership Information Flyer

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