Singapore - 1 December

Joint Australasian & Singapore Section Seminar


High Performance Metros -

Learning from the Singapore Experience


High performance CBTC railways are now the current standard
for new and refurbished metros around the world. Unmanned operation offers many benefits but also introduces challenges to ensure that the system operates to the highest standards of safety and reliability.

This one-day seminar will look at three specific areas that contribute directly to the performance of a modern unmanned metro system. The format will be of experts presenting papers followed by an interactive panel discussion with the audience.

Maintenance in the Tunnel Environment

Fully automated railways are very hazardous places to work and with headways of around 90 seconds, maintenance can only be effectively carried out at night. Technology is emerging as a major tool for the maintainer, whether it be condition monitoring, maintenance planning, fault recording or failure trend analysis. The use of the emerging technology will be explored and users will explain how maintenance improvements are achieved. Tunnels are constrained places and the signal engineer is only one of many
with systems that require maintaining. How can system design reduce the maintenance required for signalling and telecoms, reduce the potential access conflicts and reduce staff access improving maintainer safet

There is an optional half-day tour of SMRT Kim Chuan and Bishan Depots on Thursday 30 November - please register separately for this tour.

Platform Screen Doors

The separation of the running lines and platforms by the use of platform screen doors is standard for all MRT lines in Singapore, providing safety, security and environmental separation. The presenters will talk about the functional and safety requirements of a modern PSD system. They will look at how the technical requirements are realised and tested before the PSDs are accepted for installation at site. The operator will talk about the challenges of operating and maintaining PSD equipment ensuring that the system remains safe, available and with optimised door operation.

There is an optional half-day tour of Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd on Thursday 30 November - please register separately for this tour.

Train Detection Methods for CBTC

Modern CBTC technology uses sophisticated speed and location equipment to determine train positions. Should there be secondary train protection? If so, what form should it take,
axle counters or track circuits? The panel will look at the systems that are now used for speed and location measurement and how this can be used for the individual system functions such a train position reporting, locking etc. The panel will also discuss whether
back-up systems should be provided and whether the advantages are real or perceived.

There is an optional half-day tour of Gali Batu Depot - Downtown Line Signalling on Thursday 30 November - please register separately for this tour.

Presidential Address

Peter Symons will present his Presidential Address for the Australasian and Regional (Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian) sections.

Seminar Dinner

The Australasian and Singapore Section Seminar will be followed by a buffet style dinner and drinks at The British Club, transfers to and from the venue will be included.

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