Master Degree

A Master in Railway Signal and Telecommunications by project work is available through CQUniversity.  This is an excellent opportunity to gain recognition for appropriate project activities that advance the practice of railway signal and telecommunications.

Students entering the Master program need to demonstrate two fundamental attributes:

  1. Sufficient analytical ability to be able to assess a complex problem and determine appropriate solutions
  2. Sound knowledge of the signalling and telecommunications field.

Entrance requirements are based around these two criteria.

Entry paths are:

  • Completion of the Diploma in Railway Signalling with a Weighted Grade Point Average of 5.5 or higher. OR,
  • Completion of the IRSE Examination with a result of four Credits or higher. OR,
  • Completion of a higher degree and a minimum of five years in the signalling industry, OR
  • Other qualifications and experience that demonstrate achievement of the fundamental attributes and as may be recommended by the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers industry liaison committee.
  • An interview may be conducted where considered appropriate to determine suitability.

For further information contact CQUniversity or visit their website.

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